God isn’t fucking Santa Claus

No Nazis died in Charlotte, and so many died of old age, comfortably ensconced in shiny new identities, while all my foreign cousins are buried in a Lithuanian pit

Or they’re just ash in Poland, no way I’ll ever know

I had a test for asthma, performed in a lab by a visiting German doctoral fellow

Chatting while working, our American backgrounds were fascinating to him

He asked if I still had family back in Eastern Europe

“No”. I said, “I’m pretty sure your family killed my remaining European family a long time ago.”

The other lab staff paused, in silence, shocked at my bald statement

The chatty German laughed with me

An eye for an eye is no way to see our way through anything

I once loved a man who told me he didn’t believe in monogamy

“You’re going to break my heart, aren’t you?” I asked, not needing an answer

“Probably.”  He answered, anyway, our second week dating

He broke my heart a thousand times before we were done


Author: skaplanolmsted

I am a writer, artist and servant to feline overlords, living in Portland, Oregon with my writer artist husband Marc Olmsted.

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